Vicarious Ranch

The main base of operations where we grow our fruits, vegetables & animals.


Indian Valley Creamery

Though still a work in progress, here is where we will turn our goat and sheep milk into artisan cheeses, yogurt and ice cream.



Click here to see our goat herd. We raise registered Mini-Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats.


Central Coast Mangalitsas

Here you will find our rare Old World Mangalitsa lard pigs. Known as Kobe Pork, we produce feeder hogs for chefs and restaurants all along the west coast.



Keeping Up With The Clampetts has been our headquarters for the latest ranch news since the beginning, updated daily!


HomeGrown Eggs

Our multi-colored farm fresh eggs come mostly from Maran, Ameraucana, Olive Egger and Barred Rock hens. We are a certified egg seller farm and our free-range hens eat only non-gmo crumble, organic scratch and whatever bugs they find in the barnyard.


VR Produce

Our backyard orchard has 77 different kinds of fruit trees. Fruit and vegetables as well as delicious homemade baked goods available seasonally at our lower ranch farm stand, The Sweet Retreat (coming 2016).



While we haven't broken ground on it yet, the lower ranch will eventually contain a certified NFAA Field Archery course that will be open to the public.


Vicarious Ranch is located in the heart of California's Central Coast wine country outside the mission town of San Miguel, near the city of Paso Robles. We raise Mini Nubian and Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats and St. Croix sheep to provide milk for our dairy, Indian Valley Creamery. In our dairy, we produce artisan goat and sheeps' milk cheeses to pair with our neighbors' wineries. We have free-range chickens that provide delicious, beautifully colored eggs which we sell to local health-conscious families. We breed the Mangalitsa breed of Old World Hungarian lard pigs (known as Kobe Pork) for gourmets and restaurants all along the west coast.

Our operation is young but our plans are big. We love the Central Coast, see the potential in this booming new wine country and hope to find a niche with our complimentary, naturally grown foods. The owners, Mike and Christy Larsen, bring a unique set of experiences and talents to the farm. Christy, a city girl from Los Angeles, is a certified pastry chef and gourmet with a strong business background. Mike worked in a Wisconsin cheese factory from age 15 through college and spent 15 years in Alaska hunting moose and catching salmon. Together, they bring a little bit of City and a whole lot of Country to the ranch. 

They decided to leave the big city and traffic for a quiet country farm. The response from family and friends was nearly unanimous. Almost everyone stated they had the same dream and would be living vicariously through the couple. Hence the name Vicarious Ranch.