Border Collie puppies from our working pair, Jinx and Jones!

JinxThis new year we have a litter of border collie pups from trialing and working lines. Jinx is ABCA registered. Her sire is world class trialer Michael Gallagher's "Cain" and her grand sire is International Supreme Champion "Cap". She's got it in her to be a trial dog but her trainer (me) is fairly novice. She has a nice wide outrun and is super intense. She listens pretty well and has a lot of drive and can go all day. All she wants to do is herd. Jones

Jones is not registered. He's from Anderson Cattle Company here locally and he's the best dang all around dog we've ever had. He's not flashy but he just about speaks english and will do anything you need. He keeps everything calm, you just tell him to go get the sheep and he'll bring them and keep them in your pocket all day without saying another word. He has great balance and reads stock very well. He grips just enough to turn stubborn stock. He is much less intense but much more versatile than the bitch. He'll herd when it's time to herd and play frisbee all day long too.

Both dogs have plenty of eye and are good working dogs. Neither have been around cattle but work sheep and goats everyday. We are not breeders, we know we could breed our bitch to just about any dog with her pedigree but actually wanted a pup out of our male since he is so well rounded so we did this one coupling and we hope it brings out the best in both of our dogs.

4 boys, 3 girls. All of the pups have good personalities. All are playful and social, none are loners or shy. All will be wormed and have first shots. Ready to go January 4, 2017. Looking to send to working farms or agility folks. These dogs will not work in apartment settings. Buyers with a veterinary reference will get preference. Parents on site. Happy to answer any questions.